Great Question

Why are we pausing our testing services for the general public?

It has been an honor to provide affordable and accessible COVID-19 testing to the Gorge Community for the past 4 months. However, due to the rising wait times for COVID-19 results from our lab partners coupled with a large surge in overall demand for asymptomatic testing, our ability to provide timely and effective results has been greatly compromised. With test results now taking upwards of 16 days to receive back from our partner lab, the utility of our tests are no longer helpful for many patients trying to make decisions based on testing.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Once we at Heritage Family Medicine can find a lab partner who can give us both timely and accurate results, we will reopen our testing services to the community.

If you are having active COVID-19 symptoms, please reach out to your Primary Care Provider office immediately for counseling on testing. If you are member of Heritage Family Medicine please give us a call, we would love to evaluate you for rapid COVID-19 testing if you are sick. If you find yourself in need of a doctor during these challenging times, we would love to care for you as a member at Heritage Family Medicine.

Hold that thought!

Our COVID-19 testing services are currently on hold.   If you are a current Heritage Family Medicine member, please call our appointment line to schedule a COVID-19 test.  We apologize for any inconvenience!

The Heritage Family Medicine Team